Charles Spillane

Charlie is an SFI Investigator, Established Professor (Chair) of Plant Science & Head of Plant & AgriBiosciences Research Centre (PABC), NUI Galway. The Spillane Genetics and Biotechnology Lab works on genetics and epigenetics, primarily in plants and crops. Prior to returning to Ireland in 2003, Prof Spillane worked as a scientist and researcher in Sainsbury Lab, John Innes Centre (UK), United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and CGIAR (Italy), Cold Spring Harbor Lab (USA), Friedrich Miescher Institute and University of Zurich (Switzerland). Research interests are both fundamental and applied plant/crop genetics and epigenetics, primarily focussed on abiotic stress, reproduction and seed development, enabling breeding technologies and quality traits. See:

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Nutrient Use Efficiency
Abiotic Stress Tolerance

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