David Wall

David joined Teagasc Johnstown Castle in 2008 and focused his research on nutrient dynamics and cycling in soil, and soil-plant interactions in agricultural systems. His research activities include: investigating the soil N supply potential of grassland soils, evaluating the sustainability of N and P fertilizer inputs for grass and crop production, developing information and technologies to guide better nutrient balances for agricultural production systems in Ireland and reviewing current lime and trace element status of Irish soils. His research involves collaborations with many national and international partners such as University College Dublin, AFBI (NI), Queen University Belfast (NI), University of Aberdeen (UK), James Hutton Institute (UK), University of Reading (UK), and University of Delaware (USA). He graduated with his B.Agr.Sc from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2002 and M.Agr.Sc. in crop science in 2004. He conducted his PhD at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, USA in soil science, on N mineralisation rates in different soil types and cropping systems and developed a soil based N test for tillage crops. While at NCSU he won a scholarship from the North Carolina State University Graduate School and was the recipient of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Professional Development Award in 2007. He was inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta honour society for agriculture in North Carolina in 2007.